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Roller doors  if the slide material in the tracks on the side is worn out the door is worn out and needs replacing 




Roller doors are inherently used in situations where they are the only option due to room

Like all doors they do wear out and they require adjustment from time to time.
The springs inside the roll will lose some of its tension over time and will require adjustment.

These doors should be balanced and should not fall or rise when let go from any position with the exception of if they have a door opener on them, then the door should only just move in a downward direction when let go on manual lift.
The door slides will slowly get more and more resistance as they wear
and although the door panels can still look ok, in reality the door is worn out.
If the door makes a lot of screeching noise when moving this is a sign the door slats are worn out

DO NOT use oil or grease on the tracks of roller doors this will only give you a short term fix and then the door will fail and become very stiff to move. Also if oil or grease has been used in the past it may never operate correctly again as it is impossible to remove from the slide material and it stays sticky

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